One of the biggest concerns that we see coming through from new business enquires is space restrictions, and we want to put your mind at ease straight way, The Vending People can bring luxurious and convenient coffee machines to even the smallest of spaces.

Table Top options such as Flavia C500 and the new Crane Linea machines fit in locations such as meeting rooms, conference suites and low foot fall offices. We also offer larger free-standing coffee vending machines, which are durable enough for continuous use in busy areas such as waiting rooms, canteens and industry warehouses. So please, do not worry that we will not be able to help your business, we can tick that box for you instantly!  

Now let’s dive into the 5 Great Reasons! 

Energy Boost 

We know everyone can be half asleep in the morning when getting ready for the daily grind and our brains don’t click into gear until we have that first cup of coffee. With flexible work schedules or early morning meetings, you may not have time to brew some coffee at home. Having a coffee machine close to your desk or work station means that you can grab a quick cup on the way to your first task of the day, without skipping a beat! This leads us nicely onto our next reason – 


The Vending People understands the importance of an office coffee machine to improve productivity. You no longer have to schedule into your day a trip to the nearest coffee shop, or get trapped in a coffee round in the kitchen. Delicious and hot coffee is now at your fingertips! Depending on where you choose to put your hot drink solutions, your staff will also be able to access coffee without having to wait in line, taking up those precious minutes in their lunch break.


Are you a loyal coffee fan and stick to your favourite? Or do you prefer to jump from a Rich Roast Latte to Galaxy Hot Chocolate with ease? The Vending People have machines that every hot drinks fan will love. Our hot drinks machines can come with instant and bean to cup coffee options that will rival your favourite coffee shop. These machines can also have decaffeinated options for those watching their caffeine intake, not to mention piping hot Tea, luxurious Hot Chocolate and a range of speciality drinks from Americano to Mocha along with many more.

We also have partnered with specially selected artisan coffee roasters like Small Batch Coffee Roasters and Roastworks Coffee Co. to bring you the best premium blends that deliver unique and delicious flavours. All our regional coffee roasters take great care in both sourcing their coffee beans and in the roasting process. Their expert knowledge and years of experience has allowed them to perfect the roasting process, bringing you consistent flavours that are smoother and more defined.

Cleanliness and Hassle Free 

Choosing to go Fully Managed with The Vending People means that your Free-Standing Hot Drink machines are completely hassle free and looked after by our experienced Operators. They not only fill your machine for you but make sure the machine stays looking professional and fresh, inside and out. They also keep a proactive eye out for any natural faults that may arise and get them logged on your behalf. Our engineers will also take care of the scheduled filter changes to keep your hot drink vending machine producing the finest standard of hot drinks. Take a look at our Services page, to find out more! 

Cost Effective 

Our finance options ensure that we can offer you a brilliant office coffee solution, easily in line with your budget. Our standard of service from wholesale, operators, engineers and installation teams will ensure that what can be a confusing and overwhelming process, is smooth and exciting for all of your staff! Take a look at our Finance Options page to find out more.

Visit our Contact Us page or call us today on 0330 0241 125 to get in touch and find out more about our impressive machine range and start your journey to convenient, hassle free coffee today!