Company Background

QA is the largest digital education and skills provider in the UK. Their aim is to make the future better by training the next generation of technologists, leaders and innovators. They accomplish this through four key services: Learning Solutions and Training, Developing Digital Consultants, Apprenticeship Programmes and Higher Education Degrees. QA trains thousands of people every year in their 50 training centres situated across the UK.

With classes lasting hours and courses lasting days, offering delegates the opportunity to replenish their energy through snacks and drinks is a very important service to QA. The Vending People have helped them achieve this by supplying vending solutions and wholesale products since 2015.

Why would you not want to join The Vending People?

an outstanding company

Overall The Vending People are an outstanding company who not only deliver on their promise but provide overall customer service with outstanding people, why would you not want to join The Vending People?

Guy Euman
Head of Venues

The Challenge

QA originally sourced it’s snack and refreshment needs from 4 separate providers. Over the past year QA has seen an increase from over 2,400 weekly delegates to over 4,500 weekly nationwide. Alongside this double in delegates, QA found their previous suppliers could not support them with the flexible approach they desired, therefore they went to tender.


In 2015 The Vending People took over the management of QA’s existing vending solutions and over the past year upgraded 70% of the machines to the Vitro S3 from Coffetek. The existing machines had a long history of vends and required updating to keep producing the consistent and great tasting coffee people expect.

Out of the 76 machines installed across the UK, 49% of the machines are Bean to cup for high footfall areas. The remaining sites with a lower footfall have instant coffee machines because of a need for a product with a longer expiry date.

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QA’s account manager Rohit Manani works hard to provide a flexible solution that works for all 18 locations across the UK so they receive a service that’s right for them.

Rohit tracks the site’s service progress with KPIs like Technical Response Times and First Time Fix Rates based on pre agreed targets. The account manager communicates the progress of the service in regular meetings throughout the year.

Targets set for The Vending People over the course of this year was an 8 hour Technical Response Time and a First Time Fix Rate of 89%. Currently The Vending People have a response time of 6.2 hours and a first time fix rate of 94%.

Rohit Manani also works proactively to drive QA’s business with innovative solutions including the consolidation of products and introducing sustainable options. He explains “We’re delighted to be helping QA develop their fantastic ‘Don’t Bin A Good Thing’ initiative which has reduced the number of disposable cups across their centres in 2019, saving an estimated 280,000 cups per year. We supplied QA with reusable bamboo thermal cups which were given to staff and delegates. These innovative cups are cleverly made by mixing natural material like bamboo fibre with corn starch, these cups are a cost-effective eco-friendly solution to reusable cups. Bamboo alone is a sustainable crop, they can be grown without pesticides and the same crop can be harvested over and over again. To supplement these sustainable cups, we recently helped them install several cup washer units. When a cup is pressed against the EcoStop washer unit, a controlled rinse is released that thoroughly cleans the cup. These units use up to 70% less water than traditionally washing cups by hand and dishwashers. We’re extremely proud to be helping our customers make positive steps towards sustainability.”


“Mobilisation plans presented by The Vending People were demonstrated as was promised and all our centres found no issues in the delivery. Looking back, we wish we had moved to The Vending People sooner.

All employees as smartly dressed, very approachable, proactive and we consider them to be apart of our own team.

Before our time with The Vending people we experienced fairly negative feedback towards previous catering options. After partnering with The Vending People we are now receiving continuous positive feedback from delegates and high ratings of 5/5 stars for the hot drink on offer. Considerable praise was also given to the irresistible Grandma Wild cookies.

Overall The Vending People are an outstanding company who not only deliver on their promise but provide overall customer service with outstanding people, why would you not want to join The Vending People.”