Company Background

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management technologies, and employs over 170,000 staff. The group invests in research and development in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development. From simple switches to complex operational systems, their technology, software and services help improve the life of customers every day.

All our employees are so pleased

Morale officially boosted.

Having a range of both traditional vending machines and coffee-to-go solutions meant that LTT Vending could satisfy all our requirements nationwide!

Gemma Forder
Schneider Electric

The Lavazza Lusso has been a great source of extra income for the business, whilst also boosting morale in the offices

Gemma Forder
Schneider Electric

The Discovery

Initially, Schneider Electric was looking for a vending operator who could install traditional machines into nine of their sites nationwide. They discovered that LTT Vending was a national operator, and after a consultation period they decided to work with LTT Vending, who would install a range of traditional snack and cold drinks machines. However, LTT Vending suggested another offer to Schneider which could enhance their offering to staff—a branded coffee-to-go solution. This innovative solution had Schneider Electric thinking, as it was not something they had considered before. However, they could immediately see the potential benefits—an increase in morale and revenue.

The Challenge

The challenge for LTT Vending was ensuring that the right coffee-to-go solution was placed within the Schneider Electric office, taking the various numbers of staff into account. Schneider Electric suggested that they would benefit from a bean-to-cup machine with a recognisable brand, to attract their busy employees to the machine.

The Solution

The solution was a Lavazza Lusso machine, as it offered a premium brand, high quality coffee and was easy to maintain. This meant the employees at Schneider Electric didn’t have to neglect their usual duties. The machine looks attractive and offers a premium quality coffee, something that Schneider are proud to showcase to visitors and staff. As the solution has the full coffee shop menu—including hot chocolate and fresh leaf tea—Schneider Electric can be reassured that they are offering a range of drinks to suit everyone’s preferences.

The Result

The Lavazza Lusso machine sales have been going extremely well. Schneider Electric now have four Lavazza Lusso machines, two in their Telford branch and two in Coventry. Within both sites, they have two towers in reception and two in their office. All the machines are creating a good revenue stream. Employees at the company have commented saying that they really enjoy the coffee and find it easy to operate. They also love that they can customise their drinks to their tastes by adding sugar or syrups into their hot beverages, particularly when offering them to visitors.

All our employees are so pleased with the sophistication of the solution, the fact they can customise their drinks with sugar and syrups is fantastic.


LTT Vending’s service and experience is fantastic, from starting off as just offering us traditional vending, their innovative and forward thinking led us to having four Lavazza coffee-to-go solutions in two of our sites. They have been a great source of extra revenue for the business and have led to an increase in staff morale. The machines are really easy for our staff to use and easy to maintain. Having both traditional vending and coffee-to-go means that our employees are able to get food and drink during the mid-afternoon crave, whether it’s for a quick snack or a lunch break.

Facts and Figures

  • 5 star for forward thinking
  • 5 star for outstanding service