Workplace Coffee Machines are great for boosting morale and productivity. A study from 2018 suggests that drinking coffee with co-workers makes you even more productive. 

But how do you enjoy your office coffee machine without it feeling like a chore when it comes to maintaining it? 

In this guide we will outline the most important maintenance tips, and explain some simple tasks you can do regularly to keep your machine fully functioning.  

coffee machine maintenance - group work

Coffee Machine Maintenance 

At The Vending People, we offer our customers a fully managed vending service to take the hassle out of owning or leasing one of our coffee vending machines. There is also an option to have technical maintenance so you can rest assured that someone will attend to your machine if something goes wrong.  

But, regularly cleaning and emptying your machine will keep it in good working order for longer.  

The type of maintenance you do really depends on the type of machine you have. For bean to cup machines, regularly cleaning the canister that holds the beans is important to keep the machine working reliably.  

If you have a Flavia Barista machine for example, the maintenance is not as excessive. A simple clean from time to time will keep your machine in good working order. Without further hesitation, here are some important maintenance tips for your office coffee machine. 

Useful Maintenance Tips For Your Workplace Coffee Machine 

These are general tips for maintaining your coffee machine, with a focus on how to keep the quality of the drinks consistent every time. For specific instructions for each machine, refer to the user manual or ask one of our engineers when they visit your site.  

1. Use a Good Water Filter 

coffee machine maintenance - water filter

We always recommend fitting a water filter on your coffee machine. A cup of coffee is 98% water. The type of water you use will have a profound effect on the taste and quality of the coffee.  

Bitter tasting coffee is largely due to overly soft water. However, excessively hard water, according to BRITA results in a bland cup of coffee, without any aroma. We supply some of our machines with BRITA water filtration systems to optimise tap water regardless of the mineral composition of the local supply. 

We also supply water filters in a wholesale capacity, giving you the option of replacing your existing filter after it has been used for a long period of time. 

2. Run Automatic Cleaning Cycles Regularly 

Most of our more complex coffee machines have a self-cleaning function. This has been designed by the manufacturer to clean out tubes and remove any left over coffee grounds and milk remnants from the machines. If possible, you can set the frequency of this based on how often you use the machine. A more high use machine will benefit from regular cleaning cycles to ensure great tasting drinks every time. 

3. Do Visual Inspections Regularly 

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your machine lasts longer is regular visual inspection. It is a great preventative measure and an effective way of reducing machine downtime. If you use syrups with your machine to make vanilla latte’s for example, check for any build up of syrup residue and clean if necessary. If your machine uses a sachet, make sure your pack bin is fitted properly to catch all the used sachets.  

Choosing The Right Coffee Machine For Your Needs 

Coffee machines have become an important part of workplace culture. Studies have proved that it improves productivity and team spirit. At The Vending People, we have a huge range of machines to suit your budget, office size, and number of staff. Get in touch with our team now for more information.