Benefits of Free On Loan Coffee Machines

Free on coffee machines offer a great alternative solution to your business if you want to provide refreshment for employees and customers in your workplace without the initial financial burden of buying and running a vending solution. A free on loan vending machine is installed, managed, cleaned and re-stocked by the supplier and you benefit from having a great vending solution in your workplace.

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Popular Coffee Machines



Vitro X3

This machine provides an extensive variety of coffee-shop beverages including espresso based drinks, fresh leaf tea and hot chocolate. The machine has a smoked glass finish with chrome and stainless steel, as well as LED lighting. With separate drink and hot water canisters, you can be rest assured that there will be no cross contamination, and you can count on delivery of a high quality drink every time.

Vitro X4

This coffee machine delivers everything you would find from the X3 model but offers the option of a new media screen. It provides genuine high pressure espresso coffee, fresh leaf tea, chocolate & milk based drinks

Vitro M series

The Coffetek Vitro M Series has a comprehensive menu of espresso and fresh milk based coffees from velvety Cappuccinos to layered Latte Macchiatos and even hot chocolates. Fresh milk is the perfect combination for those who love coffee, but want to indulge with sweet, warm milk.

The Fresh Milk technology assures that the proper milk consistency is reached in all the recipes with a single selection.


The Neo delivers a true coffee shop experience, consistently providing a broad range of beverages, everything from Coffee blends directly from the bean to fresh leaf tea.

You are able to fully personalize your drink, altering the amount of milk or sugar and varying the strength of tea or coffee using the innovative selection system.

There are two media screen options: 10” or 15” to provide an alternative to the wallpaper graphic; this enhances the consumer experience with video & image display. This display is easily updated via USB and can play .MP4 and .JPG files. Additional features can be added such as an RSS news feed and remote uploading* which gets the consumer to return to the machine and get informed about important news or positive messages to raise motivation!