Introduce another layer of safety with hand sanitiser stations. They help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses, which will be reflected in improved health for users.

Our units are built to be robust, lightweight, slimline and fully battery-operated. This means you can place them in various locations without worrying about messy cables or taking up already limited space.

The battery-operated unit dispenses 1.5ml of sanitiser per hand detected, the units are also both refillable and lockable.

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Tabletop Sanitiser Stations

The tabletop model is compact and light weight making it the ideal companion for any countertop and easy to transport to different locations.

Dimensions = W 28.5cm x D 20cm x H 56.5cm
Weight  = 4.75kg

Free Standing Sanitiser Stations

Freestanding stations can be placed in locations like entry points, exit points and communal areas that demand a clearly visible sanitisation solution. Employees and visitors can now have a memorable go-to point for their sanitising needs.

Dimensions = W 25cm x D 39cm x H 150cm
Weight  = 10kg

Custom Branded Sanitiser Stations

You can show your workforce and visitors you not only understand their concerns but are acting on them by putting hygiene, health and safety at the forefront of your vending service. If your order is under 100 units, there is an additional £175 charge to have tabletop and freestanding stations custom branded.

Stay stocked

There’s no need to struggle comparing multiple suppliers offering products you’re unsure about. With The Vending People, you can choose from either one of two solutions that have been rigorously tried and tested to be highly effective, safe and proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

We supply an Alcohol based Sanitiser Gel With Aloe Vera and the alternative Eco Handsafe Lotion, designed specifically to be alcohol free, friendlier on the skin and acceptable for vegans and all religions.