In our latest series of news articles we will be providing tips and insights to make choosing your refreshment solution as easy as possible.

This week, we are focusing on our office coffee machines and how to choose the right type of coffee beans.

As we’ve said before, bean to cup coffee machines are really popular with customers, but one question always comes up – which coffee beans are best? This really depends on a few things which are outlined below:

1 – Staff Approval

In our vending machine buyer’s guide, we explained how a new vending machine affects everyone in your business and why it is important to survey staff to understand their refreshment needs.

Before going ahead with your choice of coffee beans it is important to get a general understanding of taste profiles among your colleagues.

Our pick: Lavazza Tierra

2 – Client Expectations

This is one thing most people overlook when choosing their office coffee machine. If your machine will serve clients as well as staff, you should be mindful of your clients too.

First impressions count and if you have an important new client in your office, it is important that they leave with the right perception of your organisation, and believe it or not, the quality of coffee helps form that perception.

Our pick: Lavazza Espresso Super Crema

3 – Origin of Coffee

In some cases, it is important to focus on the details. We have seen a rise in the popularity of artisan coffee recently, and if your office is full coffee connoisseurs, artisan coffee beans will be the right choice. You will want to choose a speciality coffee, which are farmed with extreme care and attention resulting in incredible flavours.

Our pick: Small Batch Goldstone Artisan Coffee Beans

4 – Volume

Finally, it makes sense to go with the most cost-effective solution due to the number of staff who will be using the machine. Some customers also consider a single-serve coffee machine like the Flavia Creation 500 which can dispense drinks reliably in under 40 seconds.

In any case, our Lavazza Crema & Aroma machine is a great pick if you are on a budget.

In Summary

At The Vending People, our sales managers make choosing the right machine for your office a smooth and easy process. When it comes to choosing your beans, you should consider having stakeholder involvement. Both managers and your colleagues should have a say. If your machine will serve clients, it is important that the quality of coffee meets their expectations. Go for or choice of artisan coffees if you want something a little more flavour or if you want to consider other types of machines have a look at what we have on offer here.