Since 2015, people around the world celebrate International Coffee Day on the 1st of October. It’s a chance to recognise all the different people—including coffee farmers, roasters and baristas—who help make one of our favourite drinks. We also need to make sure we appreciate the people who grow our coffee beans in the first place.

This Year’s Theme: Coffee Pledge

Coffee fans can sign a new petition over on, organised by the International Coffee Organisation. Without a higher income, farmers may have to abandon coffee production altogether. By signing the #coffeepledge, you’re showing their support of a living income for coffee farmers and the coffee they produce for us.

Why this day is important to
The Vending People

Since International Coffee Day champions one of our favourite drinks, we want to show how seriously we take it. Coffee is a massive part of our business, and we work closely with our suppliers to make sure our customers always get the best blend.

Our partners include artisan coffee roasters (like Small Batch Coffee Roasters and Roastworks Coffee Company) and our regional roasters bring years of experience to their work. This means they provide you with the same great flavours on a consistent basis.

We also take great pride in our coffee machines. They let our customers enjoy a range of drinks in busy environments, including lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.

Why does the UK love coffee?

Coffee has been a part of British culture for a long time, and it’s had an interesting history over the years.

The Rise Of Coffee

  • The UK’s first coffee house opened in Oxford in 1650. It was popular amongst scholars during academic discussions, though it also had wider appeal; tea didn’t overtake it in popularity until the 1700s.
  • By the 1900s, instant coffee was the market leader in UK homes. It was given a further boost by the hit 90s sitcom Friends; the show’s New York coffee shop, Central Perk, inspired similar big-brand coffee shops across the pond.
  • By the mid-2000s, artisan coffee had taken off as a popular drink; nowadays this is known as the third wave of coffee shops.

Coffee Today

  • According to the British Coffee Association, we consume 95 million cups of coffee every day in the UK. That’s an increase of 10 million cups over the last decade!
  • On average every Brit consumes two cups each day, while 25% of our coffee is drunk in the office.
  • Scientific research shows that—ironically—we’re more likely to drink coffee if we’re more sensitive to bitter flavours.
  • Millennials (aged between 20 and 37) are more likely to drink artisan coffees than older generations.

Coffee Festivals of the UK

Since coffee is so popular, it’s not surprising there are so many dedicated coffee festivals across the UK. Each one celebrates the great taste of coffee, as well as the roasters and artisan brands that help bring it to life.

London Coffee Festival

Annual Event (Dates Vary)

There’s plenty for coffee fans to enjoy in London, including a tasting room, live latte art, barista workshops and a range of musicians from the Coffee Music Project.

CUPS by Cup North

Every November

This event hosts the UK Cup Tasters Championship, as well as a range of talks and presentations, tastings with sensory experts and coffee samples from both local and national roasters.

Birmingham Coffee Festival

Annual Event (Dates Vary)

Birmingham’s annual coffee festival includes independent coffee houses, speciality roasters and coffee culture experiences from many different areas, as well as local music and a variety of food options.

Glasgow Coffee Festival

Every May

This two-day coffee event is the biggest one in Scotland, offering product demonstrations, a range of talks, national competitions and a range of local foods.

Edinburgh Coffee Festival

Annual Event (Dates Vary)

Visitors to this Scottish festival can enjoy the Scottish Aeropress Championships, as well as a tea brewing masterclass and a diverse programme of classes on vital coffee skills.

Hampshire Coffee Festival

Annual Event (Dates Vary)

Hampshire coffee fans can enjoy a range of workshops and masterclasses, a latte art competition and even onsite, Ofsted-registered childcare onsite.

Coventry Coffee Festival

Every September

Head on over to Shakespeare’s England for unlimited coffee samples, street food and some of the region’s best coffee producers.

How many calories are in a cup of coffee?

It inevitably depends on your coffee choice, and we’re keen to help our customers make informed choices about what they’re drinking.

Coffee TypeCalories
Black coffee0
Espresso (2 oz. Serving)5
Coffee with semi-skimmed milk15
Black coffee with 1 sugar32
Coffee with semi-skimmed milk and 1 sugar45
Latte with semi-skimmed milk57
Cappuccino with semi-skimmed milk60

Taking the Best Coffee Picture for Instagram

We know how important it is to spread the joy on International Coffee Day! Taking photos of your drink is a part of that, and so we’ve gathered some key tips to getting the perfect picture for Instagram.

☕️ Go for an action shot, like coffee being poured by a vending machine.

☕️ Keep the focus on the drink; take your pictures from above, and lightly blur the background behind the coffee itself.

☕️ Like milk with your coffee? Get a shot of it being poured in!

☕️ Make sure you get it while it’s hot! Use a dark background to show the steam rising off your coffee.

Third-wave coffee and Instagram go hand in hand, so don’t forget to get that shot in on International Coffee Day.

Better Than Your Average Joe

Whatever gets your mouth watering, coffee is doing better than ever in Britain. If you’d like to get quality coffee vending in your office—on International Coffee Day and beyond—why not fill out our enquiry form? It’s a great way for us to quickly get a sense of what you’re looking for, and it’ll help us guide you towards the perfect coffee vending machine for you.

If you’d rather see our range for yourself, you can check out our complete collection of tabletop coffee vending machines. Each one is small, stylish, compact and guaranteed to deliver quality drinks time after time.