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CALI is based on Crane’s reliable coffee platform, which delivers high quality coffee and hot drinks.

The stylish, professional and robust exterior makes CALI the perfect solution for any environment!

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Touch User Interface

CALI features a touch user interface to meet the requirements of today’s consumers. It also features visual backlit touch buttons and a colour video display, to create a brilliant consumer experience with stylish, durable design.

  • Flexible lease options
  • Purchase outright
  • Range of service options

Drink options:

  • Black Coffee (Beans and Instant)
  • White Coffee (Beans and Instant)
  • Black Americano (Beans and Instant)
  • White Americano (Beans and Instant)
  • Cappuccino (Beans and Instant)
  • Latte (Beans and Instant)
  • Flat White (Beans and Instant)
  • Mocha (Beans and Instant)
  • Espresso (Beans and Instant)
  • Double Espresso (Beans and Instant)
  • Espresso with Milk (Beans and Instant)
  • Macchiato (Beans and Instant)
  • Soup (Instant)
  • Hot Chocolate (Instant)
  • Chocomilk (Instant)
  • Tea (Freshbrew and Instant)
  • Tea with Milk (Freshbrew and Instant)
  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water

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Key features:

  • Easy to use and interactive interface
  • Up to 28 selections of barista-style coffees, freshly brewed teas and indulgent hot chocolate
  • 800 cup capacity
  • Bespoke touchscreens available
  • Easy to brand
  • Supports multiple payment systems
  • Class leading energy efficiency
  • Cali uses up to 41% less energy in saving mode

Machine Dimensions

H1830mm x W700mm x D790mm


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