In times like these, longer hours, more staff and increased waiting times are the new normal.

As The Vending People, a brand with a promise to put our people at the heart of your vending solutions, we want to do our part in supporting you through these uncertain times. We can help install extra machines on an attractive short-term basis, keep you stocked and supplied, and book an additional Preventive Maintenance Visit to keep pre-existing machines fully operational 24/7.

Meet your rise in demand

We understand that each of our customers may have a significant change in service requirements, some will currently have many staff working from home, whilst others may have short-term surges in demand which requires more staff to be in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.

No long-term commitments

Get the short term benefits of additional machines without the long-term commitment

As your work force grows to tackle temporary challenges, get the short term benefits of a larger vending capacity, without the long-term commitment. We can provide extra machines that help you cope with an increased demand on catering, with attractive short-term options.

Renting: You can pay a pre-agreed amount to use our machines over a set period of time. Once that time has ended you can either extend or arrange for us to collect them.

Free on loan: We can place our machines on your site over a set period of time, at no cost. This does however depend on the profitability of the machine’s location, due to The Vending People absorbing stock and maintenance costs.

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Preventive Planned Maintenance

Take advantage of an additional machine maintenance visit to reduce machine failures and keep your staff refreshed through the busiest periods.

If your pre-existing machines show signs of ageing, we can implement a Preventive Planned Maintenance visit.

Our engineer will order in the required parts and install them into your machines on a pre-arranged date that causes minimal disruption to you and your business.

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Care packages

In the current climate, you may be experiencing temporary difficulty when obtaining certain products, you and your people depend on.

If your normal channels are backed up or struggling to fulfil orders, our people are here to support with tailor made care packages that keep you stocked, and your people cared for.

The Vending People will work with you to identify what’s missing and build a bespoke care package that meets your needs and keeps you stocked on items you’re struggling to source. Your package can contain but not limited to cold drinks, hot drinks, cups, snacks and confectionary.

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People you can depend on

During these uncertain times, you and your hard-working team want to remain focused on supporting the UK. Our people know their job inside out, love what they do and go that extra mile, giving you peace of mind about receiving an excellent service you can depend on.

All teams are adhering to stringent daily actions, including frequent and thorough hand washing and increased extensive cleaning of our machines, offices and depots.




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