Small Batch loves coffee and people just as much as we do. They’re all about their teams, customers, producers and of course the fantastic coffee they supply.

Small Batch started off as a small, family run business, and despite the fact they’re growing, they’re still a family.

The Origin

This bean to cup film shows the time, effort, and dedication it takes to make sure Small Batch’s coffee is the best quality it can be when you take the first sip (and every sip after). Small Batch filmed for a few days at the plantation in Mexico, getting to know the processes and chatting to the coffee pickers and other staff, before heading back to sunny Brighton and filming around their shops in the city, capturing the atmosphere of Small Batch and the community that surrounds it.

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Searching the globe

Small Batch source coffee from 4 continents and over 20 countries, because they know where the coffee is grown greatly affects the taste. Although there can be a huge variety of flavours within each country, there are general flavour trends for each continent.

AFRICA: Fruity and high acidity
ASIA: Full bodied and low acidity
CENTRAL AMERICA: Balance of body and acidity
SOUTH AMERICA: More body but some acidity

Country, region and altitude

After selecting a continent and country of origin, the next process is to select a region. After years of experience, Small Batch know which regions produce the finest coffee. The altitude the coffee is grown at has a direct influence on the quality of the coffee – put simply; the higher, the better.


Small Batch travels to meet their producers, and aim to work with the same farms year after year to create long standing and mutually beneficial relationships. Whilst visiting they take the time to understand the challenges their producers face and pay sustainable prices which are significantly higher than the Fair Trade minimum.

From cherry to bean

After processing, its time for roasting. Roasting is part science and part craft, the roasting of coffee is an integral part of the journey that leads coffee cherries from the tree to your cup. In the olden days it was done in a bowl over a fire, these days roasting takes place in beautiful gas-fired bespoke machines under the watchful eyes of vigilant roasters.

Quality control

The beans are roasted in small batches to ensure freshness, then carefully tasted, smelled, and examined before it goes anywhere near your grinder or cup.

Goldstone and Throwback Espresso

We can supply you business with Goldstone Espresso and Throwback Espresso directly from Small Batch.

Goldstone Espresso is a contemporary espresso blend suited to black and milk drinks. Creamy milk chocolate with orange and dark berry flavours.

Throwback Espresso is a dark chocolate body with vibrant orange citrus notes and little dried fruit finish. This makes a lovely balanced espresso with enough sweetness and body to punch through larger milk drinks.