Ugly Drinks are named so because they stand for exposing the Ugly Truth. They believe too many products promise health and happiness but don’t deliver nutritionally. Ugly don’t want to promise you the world, they’re just a drink! If that’s Ugly, then that’s fine.

Ugly is 100% Natural, flavoured sparkling water. Their bright packaging and clear vision has made them one of the brands to watch in 2019.

The world is sometimes an Ugly place. It’s time for the ugly truth.

  Did you know Ugly Drinks also features in our Treat your Health pop up vending machine?

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100% delicious

There are two of their delicious flavours in our vending machine to choose from: Lemon & Lime – Triple Berry.

100% Natural

Ugly contains no sugar, no sweetener, no calories and nothing artificial. They use a blend of natural ingredients – fruit extracts, essential oils and natural aromas.

100% friendly

Ugly is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. Ugly is suitable for everyone!

100% recyclable

All Ugly Drinks cans are 100% recyclable and are also made from recycled metal. The product is all produced within the UK, so they don’t need to use ships or planes to transport their drinks.