Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a vending machine for your business.

Choosing The Right Machine

Business Needs

Before purchasing or leasing a vending machine for your workplace, you need to make sure it meets the needs of your business. Most businesses invest in refreshment solutions for a number of reasons, including:

  • Boosting staff engagement
  • Enhancing guest experience
  • Generating additional revenue
  • Meeting H&S or other compliance needs
  • Increasing productivity

Choosing the right machine can help you meet one or more of these needs. If you want to enhance the experience of your guests or clients for example, a branded bean to cup coffee machine is ideal, however, it might not work for a busy manufacturing site.

Choosing The Right Service

Choosing the right service comes down to a number of factors. Will you purchase or lease the machines? Do you intend to manage the machine yourself? If this is the case, you need to consider:

  • Energy costs
  • Product costs
  • Maintenance and repairs

Most businesses choose the hassle-free fully managed vending option that we provide. It includes, filling, maintenance, and regular checks. This is the most cost-effective option if you operate multiple sites and wish to outsource your vending.

Stakeholder Involvement

Installing a new refreshment solution affects everyone in your business. It is important to survey staff to understand their refreshment needs. This will give you the information and confident to make the right decision. 



Types of Vending Machines



Coffee Vending Machines

Hot drinks machines come in 5 different variations:

Each machine differs in the taste and speed of drinks. However, they are also different in cost, product type and choice of cups. For example, most floor standing machines will dispense a cup whereas a table top machine allows the use of a reusable cup.

Some machines are easier to manage, because they use powdered or freeze-dried milk, which eliminates the need for fresh milk. However,  if you want more flexibility, and choice when it comes to choosing specific coffee beans and achieving a certain taste profile, bean to cup coffee machines are ideal.


Beverage Vending Machines

Cold drink, anyone? Coming right up thanks to our handpicked range of cold drink vending machines! To make life easier for everyone we can offer cashless payment, so they’re ideal for high footfall areas. There’s also the opportunity to add bespoke branding to machines. So, when we say we’ve one with your name on it – we mean it!

Whichever vending machine type you choose, we can provide you with the ideal combination of healthy options and traditional vending favourites as we partner with popular brands like Abbey Well, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Sunburst and many more.

Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines are versatile and allow you stock a wide range of snacks from chocolates, crisps, and even more healthier snack bars.

Our snack vending machines are filled to the brim with delicious chocolate, sweets, crisps and healthy options. They’re real crowd pleasers as they naturally attract customers.
Our key supply partner, Golden Wonder, will stock your machine with all the newest and tastiest crisp flavours. Your machine will also be full of favourites from Cadburys, Mars and Nestle, as well as innovative brands that keep you up to date with the latest health trends.

How To Choose The Right Vending Supplier

As a facilities or office manager, choosing the right vending supplier is one of the most important decisions you will make in your search for the right vending solution. Aside from cost of the machine, you should find out more about the quality of service and technical ability the supplier provides. If you choose a fully managed vending service, you need a supplier with the right scale to provide regular visits and maintenance.

About The Vending People

A vending machine is only as great as the people behind it. It takes individuals who know their job inside out, love what they do and go that extra mile.

We specialise in providing vending solutions for workplace, education and healthcare sectors, delivering vending solutions tailored to individual needs. Our national scale means we can cater for both large and small organisations.

Our dedicated national team of over 200 Vending operators and 50 engineers carry out over three quarters of a million customer visits every year.

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