Your new vending solutions have just been installed, they are ready to go. What now? Well firstly, enjoy!

Get to know your new vending machines by testing them out – have a play with the different strength options on your hot drink vending machines, take a look at the range within your snack and cold drink vending machines or if you have chosen to fill your machines yourselves, become familiar with the pricing and stocking processes.

Once you know your machine and are comfortable with them, you can sit back and relax. Let us explain a little bit of what you can expect from *company name*

Your journey with us will differ slightly depending on what your chosen vending service is. However as standard, we are always at the end of the phone to help you. Alternatively you can email your account manager with any general questions or customer services for any service questions. 

Purchase Only

If you chose to fill your own machine, not using our wholesale department and decided to not take out a service contract with us, we are still invested in your vending machine journey and are more than happy to offer guidance over the phone or get our engineers out to you if needed, our customer services team will be able to explain the T&C’s that will come with this for you. Don’t worry, you are not forgotten about! 

Technical maintenance

If you opt to take a “Technical maintenance” service with us, your locally based engineer will be on hand should any issues arise with your vending machines. All you need to do is contact our customer services team who will schedule a visit within 48 hours and keep you updated with the outcome of the visit. Should a new part be needed on the machine then they will guide you through this process, again all the while keeping you updated. 

Our wholesale department are the perfect match for your chosen service. They will proactively contact you to get your wholesale order, using your purchase history to help recommend new products to you and update you with the latest vending trends! You can request to be contacted however suits you best, email, telephone or even our impressive web shop. If you prefer you can also choose a standing order, to keep your snack & cold drink or hot drink vending machines stocked without having to give the machines another thought. Should you have any questions, the team is always happy to help. 

Fully managed vending service 

If you have chosen our fully managed service, relax and put your feet up! Your personal operator will be on site either weekly or bi-weekly to clean and stock your machines, keeping an eye out for any natural faults on the machine so they can log on your behalf. They are on site early in the day to reduce the inconvenience to site and are always happy to have a quick chat and answer any questions! 

Your operator will be the first point of call for any machine issues, as they will get to know everything about your machine and will be a fountain of knowledge for our customer services team. If you ever do need to log a fault from your machine, customer services will always touch base with your operator to see if they can fix it on their next visit first. If the fault needs an extra bit of expertise, the call will be passed to an engineer. Your engineer will again be locally based so you can get to know a familiar face on your site and they can build up knowledge about your machines.  

We are very proud of our staff here at The Vending People and believe they are what make us different within the industry. We have local depots spread throughout the UK as well as our Head Office in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Give us a call to find out more about your team and be introduced to our machine range and services.