Reducing our impact on the environment is on everyone’s mind and single use cups are a contributing factor through their beginnings in the manufacturing process and how they’re handled as waste.

It is said that half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world. That would mean over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet, every year. (1)

There’s a couple of ways we can all reduce the impact cups have on the environment…

…one way is to Reduce the amount created by drinking from reusable cups. We feel it’s important to offer re-usable cup options that allow your company to contribute in reducing disposable cup numbers. Depending on your organisation’s size you can select from innovative Bamboo cups and the rCUP range.

We’ve also gone one step further providing businesses with cup washer units that can be paired with hot drink vending solution to make them more sustainable. If you’re looking for more guidance on our reusable range, feel free to get in touch with us now by filling out our enquiry form.

Another way to reduce the impact of disposable cups is to Recycle those that are created. It is estimated over 2.5 Billion disposable cups are thrown away in the UK each year and over 99.75% are never recycled. (2)

Currently, there is only a small number of specialist recycling plants that can facilitate disposable cups. The number of plants isn’t the issue because they all have the capacity to recycle more. The challenge is transporting the waste from sites across the country to the plants.

In 2018 a company called Valpak teamed up with several well-known brands to prevent millions of cups ending up in landfill or the incinerator, by commercially and financially incentivise the collection of cups. This has now provided the missing link needed for disposable cups to find their rightful place in the recycling process. (3)

Who collects disposable cups?

Where should used cups be housed ready for collection?

Our recycling units make waste management an effortless task, allowing you to neatly separate and store all your recycling materials ready for disposal. You can even incorporate them into our stylish yet sturdy machine housing, creating a one-stop vending experience.

If you’re interest and want to find out how we can bring recycling units to your workplace simply call our friendly team on 03300 241 1125 or email us.