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Bring some of the nation’s favourite brands to your business through Flavia office coffee machines. The Flavia Creation 500 and Flavia Barista are high performing office coffee machines delivering coffee shop quality drinks using Flavia drinks freshpacks in under 40 seconds. Find out more below and get in touch now for a quote.

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FLAVIA Barista

The FLAVIA BARISTA is an elegant office coffee machine that delivers an unrivalled range of coffee shop style drinks at the push of a button.

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FLAVIA Creation 500

The FLAVIA CREATION 500 is our most popular tabletop machine as it’s both compact and stylish. It uses the latest Freshpack technology, and its coffee-shop menu is ideal for offices of all sizes wanting choice and convenience.

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The Nation's Favourite Drinks

Choose from freshly roasted or espresso blends, a range of real leaf and herbal teas, or create your own delicious specialities.

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