Touch less with touchless technology

Coffetek has incorporated Distance Selection technology in to its range, allowing users to choose their drink without having to physically touch the machine. The coffee machine simply registers your selection when a finger is placed 2cm away from the screen.

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Sanitiser Stations now available!

Introduce another layer of safety with hand sanitiser stations. They help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses, which will be reflected in improved health for users.

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Cater for the cashless

Meet the shift in ways people are paying by pairing your vending machines with contactless payment technology, this can be installed when you acquire new machines and retrofitted to most pre-existing machines.

The way consumers are paying for items is moving closer to a cashless society and vending can now facilitate that change. Altering the way we perform our daily transactions, has led to payments becoming a quick and effortless process that can also reduce unnecessary contact.

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