Many well known companies trust us to equip their offices with the right vending solutions. And we can’t wait to give you the same outstanding level of personal service. Using our knowledge and experience, we’ll make sure your offices  are not only equipped with the right machines, but also always stocked with quality brands that your employees know and love at an affordable price. These brands include Lavazza, Prontissimo and many more!

A healthy office is a happy office

With more people than ever wanting healthy options, offices around the world are now catering for their staff’s changing dietary needs. We can help you do the same by supplying a health conscious range with reduced calories and zero sugar. Take a look through our healthy vending options today!

Serving the environment

It ’s important that you’re always being environmentally conscious—even when it comes to choosing your vending machine. We provide energy-efficient machines built with fewer raw materials that produce reduced pollution emissions and use biodegradable chemicals. In addition, we can supply cup-less vending and help with a recycling scheme. You can take pride in knowing your vending options are having a reduced impact on the environment.

No Cash? No problem

As more people carry less cash, we can install your machines with cashless payment technology.

This frees your employees from remembering cash and provides the ease of paying by card.