Are contactless payments more important than ever?

Popularity According to UK Finance, during 2018 the number of contactless payments made in the UK increased by 31% to 7.4 billion payments. There were nearly 124 million contactless cards in circulation at the end of 2018, with 84% of debit cards and 64% of credit cards in the UK having contactless functionality. Consumers aged […]

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How do we keep our vending machine surfaces clean?

During these uncertain times, you want peace of mind about hygiene and receiving an excellent service you can depend on. All our teams are adhering to stringent daily actions, including frequent and thorough hand washing and increased extensive cleaning of our machines, offices and depots. The solution we use to clean the exterior machine surface […]

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Can you use a coffee machine without touching it?

Yes, you can use a coffee machine without touching it! Our machine offering is now reflecting the need to reduce unnecessary contact with the help of our brilliantly innovative suppliers. Coffetek has incorporated Azkoyen Group patented Distance Selection technology in its range, allowing users to choose their drink without having to physically touch the machine. […]

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Touch free coffee machine

Cups to use during COVID-19

Disposable Cups Our disposable cup range enables you to reduce the potential risk of cross contamination during uncertain times.  What about the environment? Our disposable cup range can be recycled through recycling schemes. There are four recycling facilities asking for coffee cups. All have the ability to successfully separate the plastic from the paper which […]

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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch With Coffee

Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch With Coffee  We are living in uncertain times, and in the midst of all the challenges, a good TV show and a warm cup of coffee can help you wind down and relax after a long day of working from home or in the field.  If you are missing the office life, there are also get a chrome extension […]

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COVID-19 Vending Update

In light of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus we wanted to update you on our plans to manage the situation. The Vending People are taking the spread of Coronavirus extremely seriously. Our collective focus is on trying to ensure the health and safety of our customers and colleagues. We are making every effort to keep services […]

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Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips For Consistent Drinks

Workplace Coffee Machines are great for boosting morale and productivity. A study from 2018 suggests that drinking coffee with co-workers makes you even more productive.  But how do you enjoy your office coffee machine without it feeling like a chore when it comes to maintaining it?  In this guide we will outline the most important […]

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coffee machine maintenance

What does sustainable coffee actually look like?

It depends on what your values are and what you consider to be sustainable. For instance, is it the environmental impact, or is it social and economic contributions? This article provides some examples of what sustainable coffee could look like and why. Environment, economical and social impacts ¡TIERRA! coffee is the result of Lavazza’s commitment […]

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2020 Workplace Coffee Trends

As we get closer to the end of another financial year, I have been reflecting on 2019 along with the trends it brought. I have spotted a few workplace coffee trends while dealing with catering managers, operations managers, facilities directors, and customer service directors.  Here, I’ll highlight some of these trends I noticed in 2019 […]

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Workplace Coffee Trends

Best Office Coffee Machines

Choosing the best office coffee machine for your workplace is not always easy. There are several factors to consider, like how many people will it serve every day? how much space do you have for a coffee machine? what is your budget? and how do your staff like their tea and coffee?  In this guide, we aim to provide […]

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office coffee machines

5 Healthy Snacks That Go Incredibly Well With Coffee

What are some popular healthy snacks you can have with your morning or afternoon coffee? Recently, our in-house retail analyst looked at 900 of our vending machines to find the highest selling and most popular snacks across the UK.   The findings were published in our report, the evolution of snacking. We found that low-calorie healthy […]

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Healthy snacks with coffee

Millennial CEOs Are Redefining The Workplace

How often do you see a LinkedIn post or Tweet referring to millennials in a negative way?  I come across them so often that I did a quick search to find out more about the generation that everyone loves to hate.  Amongst other things, I discovered that half of the highest-valued start-ups in the world today were […]

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Millennial CEO