Vending solutions for the education sector

We help our education customers maximise sales and drive student satisfaction utilising high tech vending machines filled with the most popular, bestselling products. We have over 200 operators and 50 engineers to ensure our machines run 24/7 to keep up with a student’s busy life style.

We study what’s popular

We make sure your vending machine is packed with on-trend drinks and snacks, as well as healthy options from brands your students will know and love.

Our expert retail analyst will work with you to optimise product range and placement within your machines. This means everything will be the perfect balance between variety and popularity to create student satisfaction and maximise sales. This enables you to feel confident in knowing your machines are being utilised in the best possible way.

We've an A-Plus for Vending 

We can help drive student engagement with creative vending solutions, whilst providing you with innovative ways to help tackle some of the issues that matter to you; including the availability of on the go healthy snacking and single use plastics.

That’s why we have teamed up with on trend brands like CanO Water, to offer an infinitely recyclable alternative to bottled water, and Ugly with their naturally flavoured, no sugar, sparkling water. We have also created a healthy vending machine dedicated to items under 150 calories and zero sugar drinks to give students convenient healthier choices.

Green machines

Like you, we care about the environment. We offer the latest energy-efficient machines that operate with LED lighting and switch to energy saving mode when not in use. They also offer reduced pollution emissions that use biodegradable chemicals and a reduction in raw materials. When machines comes to the end of their life they are 78% recyclable.

To help tackle the environmental concerns of single use plastic cups we can provide cup-less vending and help promote the use of reusable cups with students. We support plastic recycling and are continually looking at viable options to offer our customers to minimise our impact on the environment.


High-tech and hassle-free

Students are always first when it comes to using new technology. To keep you one step ahead, many of our vending machines use touch screens as well as the latest cashless technology for card and mobile payments. In some cases in the education sector we are seeing up to 70% sales as cashless transactions, showing it not only improves student satisfaction but drives up sales as well.

Choose a media screen option and transform your machine into an advertising point to attract, engage and share important messages with students. The screen also allows you to display nutritional information to help your students make informed choices.

You can rely on us

As the UK’s largest independent vending company we have over 200 operators and 50 engineers. We combine national scale with local service, meaning our people are always on hand when you need us.



Did you know...

  • There’s been a 31% growth in students swapping alcohol for hot and soft drinks in the past three years
  • 52% of students drink coffee daily
  • 14% of students claim to drink more than three cups of coffee every day
  • Three in four 16-24 year olds drink coffee or other hots drinks out of home
  • Students favour milky varieties of coffee like cappuccino and latté
  • Flavoured syrups are becoming increasingly popular