Roastworks have a real passion for good quality coffee. Their aim is to help consumers understand how certain factors effect taste and get more people drinking speciality coffee.

Being the child of two artisan roasters, the founder of Roastworks grew up around tasting, smelling and talking about speciality coffee. After being inspired by the work of other roasters and a desire to encourage the consumption of good coffee, Roastworks Coffee Co. was born.


Their philosophy is simple; Roastworks want to get more people drinking speciality coffee, because despite the recent spike in the popularity of artisan coffee, there’s still a great deal of bad coffee being consumed.

Impact of drinking artisan coffee

Speciality coffee still only accounts for about 5% of all the coffee produced globally, and it is believed increasing this would have a positive effect across the industry. Not only does well cultivated, well roasted coffee provide you with a better cup of coffee, it also ensures a more sustainable business model for growers. Farmers and producers who grow speciality grade beans are able to command a premium for their crops and reinvest to improve their practices. Furthermore, farms that produce speciality coffee tend to adopt a more ecological approach to their farming practices.

What is coffee roasting?

Essentially it’s all about taking a raw, inconsumable seed and adding heat over a period of between 11 and 15 minutes to reveal its intrinsic and delicious qualities.

The art of roasting

The line artisan coffee roasters tread between maximising sweetness, balancing acidity and highlighting intrinsic flavours is quite tricky. Get it right and your coffee will shine, get it wrong and your coffee will taste flat, bitter or even burnt. Roastworks Coffee Co have mastered this art.

Artisan coffee roasting machine

Roastworks have mastered roasting partly because they use their intuition, knowledge and senses, and partly because of their brilliant artisan coffee roasting machine – a 60kg GW Barth Menado cast iron drum roaster built in 1958.

They painstakingly refurbished this roaster and returned it to its former glory. It’s fitted with precise temperature monitoring instruments so roasters can accurately measure what’s going on during the roast, and by logging the data they can replicate the perfect roast in every batch.

Pe De Cedro Coffee Beans

We can supply your business with Pe De Cedro Coffee Beans directly from Roastworks Coffee Co.

Pe De Cedro Coffee is a classic Brazil blend with notes of white chocolate, macadamia nut and peanut butter, complemented by a low acidity, fantastic sweetness and a creamy finish.