A lot has changed in the world of vending this year. Vending machines have gone cashless, and coffee machines have become contactless. Now WMF, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic coffee machines have gone a step further with the release of their new web based QR reader, WMF SmartRemote. It is an innovative tool for ordering and preparing beverages completely free of contact. 

It works by scanning a QR code displayed on the coffee machine with your smartphone, which then forms a connection with your phone and the machine, completely eliminating the need to touch the machine. 

You can then select your desired coffee speciality and enjoy your delicious beverage. It is designed to work with any mobile operating system without the need to download an app. Android, Windows, iOS and Linux phones simply need an internet connection and you are ready to use the service. 

This is important especially during these uncertain times. It gives you peace of mind about hygiene in your workplace. 

About WMF Machines 

WMF are known for their versatile and reliable automatic coffee machines. Two of their most popular machines, WMF 1500 and WMF 5000s are compact, easy to maintain and serve coffee shop quality drinks quickly and consistently. 

If you would like to find out more about the WMF range, and more contactless coffee solutions get in touch with our team today.